Assembling the Drawers...
A recessed round over router bit is used to shape all four edges on the four drawer fronts.  Next a 3/8" deep rabbet (groove) of varying widths is cut into all four under side edges.  This forms the 3/8" x 3/8" overhang on the four edges of each drawer.
A 1/4" dado is then cut into the two drawer sides and on the back of the face.  This groove will hold the bottom of the drawer.  The grooves are aligned and the drawer frame is glued and nailed together.  The back of the drawer is cut short to allow the drawer bottom to slip into the drawer from behind.
Gluing and nailing the drawer back in place.  Note the grove on the side of the drawer (top in this photo).  The drawer bottom will slide into this groove after the finishing process.
All nail holes are filled and the drawer is sanded and set aside for finishing.