Hoosier Beauty
Optional Features:
Hoosier Cabinet Four Bin
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Hoosier Beauty Cabinet
Hoosier Door Charts
Hoosier Cabinet Extract Rack
Hoosier Cabinet Sugar Bin
Hoosier Cabinet Food Grinder
Hoosier Cabinet Lower Door Pan Rack
Hoosier Cabinet Carousel Spice Rack
Hoosier Cabinet Slide-out Shelf
Hoosier Cabinet Flouir Bin with Sifter
A wonderful replica of the flour bins used in many Hoosier Cabinets, this flour bin will definitely help set the "country mood" in any room.   The sifter works and the bin slides out to allow access to a nifty flip top lid.  This bin comes professionally installed in your Hoosier.   (Not recommended for food storage.)    Back to Top.                                                           $175.00 
Hoosier Flour Bin with Sifter
Exact copies of original door charts used on many old Hoosier cabinets.  These charts are printed in black ink with light blue vertical trim on beige card stock.  The "food timer chart" includes brass pointers just like the original.  One hand would signify what was in the oven and the other hand would mark the time to take it out.   The wire cook book holder is mounted to the upper middle door and holds your cook book open for you while you cook.    Comes installed on the inside of the middle and far right upper doors.   Back to Top.   
Hoosier Cabinet Door Chart
Hoosier Door Charts with Cook Book Holder
Hoosier Extract Rack
Hoosier Cabinet Extract Rack
This "Cute & Country" extract rack is an exact replica of the extract rack used on many Hoosier Cabinets.  Proudly display your collection of antique extract jars or any little collectable!  The racks comes installed on the inside of the far right upper door.   Back to Top.
Hoosier Cabinet Sugar Bin
Hoosier Sugar Bin
A near perfect replica of the sugar bin found in many original Hoosier cabinets.  Visitors to your home will wonder where you found a Hoosier in such good condition!  This Hoosier Sugar Bin features a sliding gate at the bottom and a hinged flip door on the top.  As with the Flour bin, this sugar bin pulls out for easy access and comes installed on your Hoosier. (Not recommended for food storage)   Back to Top.
Hoosier Cabinet Food Grinder Bracket
Hoosier Food Grinder Bracket
A exact replica of food grinder brackets used on many Hoosier Cabinets that is also very functional!  Just clamp on your food grinder (see photo above) and you're ready to go!  The food grinder is installed on your Hoosier then removed for shipping.  Easy two bolt attachment.  Back to Top.                                                                         $40.00
Hoosier Slide-out Shelf
Similar to slide-out shelves featured on old Hoosiers, this shelf nearly doubles your lower storage space and makes reaching items in the back a snap!   Comes professionally installed on your Hoosier.
Back to Top.                                                                                               $100.00
Hoosier Cabinet Slide-out Shelf
Hoosier Lower Pan Rack
Need a pan?  Well just open your Hoosier's lower door and (with this option) you'll find it fast!  Just as functional today as it was nearly 100 years ago!  All solid oak construction and comes professionally installed on your Hoosier.  Back to Top.                                           $105.00
Hoosier Cabinet Lower Pan Rack
Hoosier Carousel Spice Rack with Spice Jars
Perhaps my favorite Hoosier feature!  This spice rack is an exact replica of the original carousel spice rack found on many original Hoosier Cabinets.  Store your spices in the handy "ringed" glass jars and spin the rack to select your desired spice!   Comes professionally installed in your Hoosier.  Back to Top.                                           $130.00
Hoosier Cabinet Carousel Spice
Pricing Information:  The Base Rate Price for the Hoosier Beauty Cabinet $2,250.00 plus optional features, shipping & handling.  Click on an optional feature above for option pricing.  You may also download the order sheet  for a complete pricing breakdown.