Assembling the Doors...
The door parts have been rough cut and routed (see cutting the parts) and sanded and are now ready to be assembled. 
Applying glue to the "cope" at the end of a rail.
This photo shows both rails glued to stile and waiting for the final stile to be placed on top.   This is a custom door designed for stained glass and will not have a wood panel in it.
Bar clamps are tightened, extra glue wiped away, and the door is set aside to dry.
After the door dries, it is rough sanded to smooth any rough joints.
The doors are trimmed to the exact size required.  A multi-blade "dado" blade is then used to cut a rabbit (groove around the outside of the door) to form the 3/8" door lip.  This lip helps keep dust out of the cabinet.
The dado blade at work.
The finished door ready for final sanding and finishing.  The interior of this particular door was routed for a stained glass panel.